We are an independent franchisee of Aaron’s Inc..We have been in business since 1984 with a solid track record of sound financial growth that continues today.  You can read more about our history here.  As exciting as our history is, our future has much more to offer.

Our growth has been fueled by our associates.  We have always understood that our most valuable asset is the team members we work with every day.  We work hard to ensure each of them are equipped and enabled to excel in their positions, and provide a high quality of life for themselves and their families.  We consider it our responsibility to prepare our players to take on more challenging and rewarding responsibilities as they prove their ability to execute and generate results.

We have a simple focus.  Build our business by building champions in business and in life.  You’ve read a little about how we build champions in business, but we’re not self-centered.  We want to be instrumental to building champions in the communities we serve.  Our involvement with non-profit organizations includes both monetary donations, and the personal donation of our time and energy.  We see these more as investments in people than donations.  To have someone look back at their life and say, “I’m achieving the things I’ve wanted to achieve, and the people at Kelly Rentals are a part of my success,” is the return we expect on our investment.

Adherence to our core values: honesty, integrity, and respect, and guiding principles: uncompromising focus on customers, win with integrity, builders at heart, get your hands dirty, and caring starts with respect, is what helps us ensure we have a positive, enthusiastic, and fun work environment.  It also reminds us to put our best effort in everything we do. 

We are serious about our business growth.  We are serious about our personal growth.  If you’re serious about your personal growth, you should check out our Facebook page or “Building Champions”, and “Champions in Action”, pages. Then click on the “Apply Today” link and get started on your career.

Kelly Rentals, Inc. is a family-owned company that was founded in 1984 by Grady and Bobbie Mitchell in Danville, VA.  Grady and Bobbie were in the television and appliance retail business and decided to try offering a rent-to-own concept to meet customers’ needs.  The rental concept was a huge success and this began a successful and growing company that focused on customer service.  

By 2009 Kelly Rentals Inc. had grown from one store to 25 locations serving both Virginia and North Carolina.  Throughout the growth, the company has always tried to keep the core values of providing great customer service and always treating employees like family.  Upon Grady’s passing in 1995, Bobbie continued to run the growing business and was pleased when she was joined by her sons Chad and Derek upon their college graduations.  

With the addition of Chad and Derek and the constantly changing rental industry, the family formed a partnership with Aaron’s Sales and Lease Ownership and converted their stores into 18 Aaron’s locations in 2009.  This business decision brought a nationally recognized brand to the longstanding customer-focused reputation of the family business.  Kelly Rentals, Inc. is now doing business as Aaron’s, and the company continues to work towards complete customer satisfaction and talented employee recruitment to continue the longstanding family business