“The team with the best players usually wins.” 

-Coach John Wooden

We know there isn’t a championship team that isn’t heavily staffed with champion players.  No matter the sport, or business; the opposite of coach Wooden’s accurate observation is also true.  “The team that usually wins, has the best players.”  We can’t win without champions.  For us, winning is not optional.

As important as winning is; we believe fulfilling our obligations to those working on our team is even more important.  The basics: pay, medical/dental insurance, vacation, sick time, etc., are relatively easy to provide.  Beyond those basics are what our players really come to work for.  Each one has a desire to improve – to be worth more today than they were yesterday.  We believe investing in the continual development of our players is our ultimate responsibility. 

The initial improvement from beginner to novice is easy.  It gets a little tougher to go from novice to expert.  Going from expert to champion is where the real work – and rewards are.  At this level, noticeable improvement takes much longer.  It seems there are as many failures as advances.  It’s grueling, and demands discipline from both the player and the coach.  This is where champions separate themselves from everyone else. 

You must be willing to do what no one else will in order to get what no one else has.

No champion got there by themselves.  Each had at least one mentor, coach, or leader that patiently taught them, encouraged them, exhorted them, challenged them, pushed them beyond what they thought were their limits.  As a player on the Kelly’s team, you can expect all of that.  For us, there is no such thing as “good enough”.  You’re either growing, or dying, and you can’t grow by staying in your comfort zone.

If you have the heart of a champion, Kelly Rentals is where you want to be.

You made it this far, why not check out our Champions in Action?

The champions on our team have a passion for people.  They love being the reason someone smiles.  They love being the source of joy in a person’s day.  They love the opportunity to turn a customer’s tough day, into a pleasant one.  Our desire to serve doesn’t stop with our customers.  We take it to the communities.

You’ll find our associates serving in community events all over the place.  While they’re not always representing our brand, they love to serve, and it shows.  Whether it’s through their church, a boys and girls club, the YMCA, school, youth sports, or any other event, our champions are happy to engage in the service. 

You’ll find Kelly Rentals, dba Aaron’s supporting our local fire and police departments, neighborhood watches, youth sports, public and private schools, and other beneficial charitable organizations in a variety of ways.  It’s good business.  It’s good for our communities.  It’s good for customers.  It’s good for our associates, and it’s fun.

If you have a champion’s heart for service, you’ll want to serve with us.