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Serving Our Communities

Our customers don’t need us.  There are too many other companies in our communities offering similar products and services as us.  Most of the product we carry are not needed.  People can live without them.  Our services are not unique.  They’re not even needed.  Second hand stores with extremely inexpensive merchandise abound.  For us to win, our customers must WANT us.


The champions on our team have a passion for people.  They love being the reason someone smiles.  They love being the source of joy in a person’s day.  They love the opportunity to turn a customer’s tough day, into a pleasant one.  Our desire to serve doesn’t stop with our customers.  We take it to the communities.


You’ll find our associates serving in community events all over the place.  While they’re not always representing our brand, they love to serve, and it shows.  Whether it’s through their church, a boys and girls club, the YMCA, school, youth sports, or any other event, our champions are happy to engage in the service. 


You’ll find Kelly Rentals, dba Aaron’s supporting our local fire and police departments, neighborhood watches, youth sports, public and private schools, and other beneficial charitable organizations in a variety of ways.  It’s good business.  It’s good for our communities.  It’s good for customers.  It’s good for our associates, and it’s fun.


If you have a champion’s heart for service, you’ll want to serve with us.


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