Check these clips from our team building event at Virginia International Raceway!












Here's some fun on the Go-Karts!


Our Sales Managers got some training, rewards, and had some fun.  Check out these pictures!!


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Our next challenge is about to begin.  This will be a grueling twent-three week champion building race across five continents.  Our champions must complete sets of three high-level challenges every week to obtain clues that will guide them to a destination somewhere on the continent, or to discover an item or interesting fact about the continent.

We have some awesome prizes for the champions who rise to the occasion including LARGE bonus amounts, extra vacation time, and what intercontinental race would be complete without a five day, all expense paid cruise for victors?

Our champions have been briefed, they are all ready to go.  Teams have been formed, names and banners designed.  Some have even arrived on Australia, our first continent a little before the deadline, as evidenced in the pictures below.

We conducted a GM training session last Wednesday which included some product knowledge training from the folks who know it best; our vendors.  The product knowledge included information on how to do minor (and some not so minor) repairs to furniture.  Also included in the training was information on the new Aaron's Club program offered to customers.

After lunch we worked on how to improve our Customer Experience.  We reviewed some of the less positive customer comments on our surveys and where the execution of our systems broke down so we can prevent the same mistakes in the future.  GMs were reminded that they had the authority to do whatever it takes to ensure that when we fail to properly exceed customer expectations, it is properly corrected.

Everyone left excited about what they had learned, and the upcoming contest.  Who wouldn't be excited about the opportunity to win a five day cruise for two and a $1,000 spending money plus extra vacation days?  Champion level performance has some awesome rewards!

The third, and final week of Island Hopping.  Camry Cruise lines has five exciting stops planned for us for the last leg of our journey.  We found a large variety of scenery on this trip and encountered some more awesome champion level players.